Privately Owned Golf Carts

Golf Cart

MSU differs from most schools in the NCAA in that the university allows fans to bring privately owned golf carts to campus on gameday. Golf carts can be a great service to fans on gameday if used responsibly. For a golf cart to be allowed on campus, it must be deemed street legal by the MS Motor Vehicle and Traffic regulations, please see MS Code Annotated Title 62-1-1 seq. Just as golf carts can be of great service to fans on gameday, they can also be a hazard, as well as problematic, when rules are looked over. Please make sure that personal carts are not putting fans in harm's way or hindering the flow of campus activity by blocking routes/sidewalks and traveling in restricted areas.

  • Golf cart parking is located on the southeast corner of Davis Wade Stadium (Click for map).
  • All carts being driven to the stadium should be parked in designated areas only.
Restricted Areas
  • Certain areas are off limits on gameday to privately owned golf carts in order for the university to perform certain tasks, as well as maintain a safe and secure perimeter in the need of emergency assistance (Click for map).
Privately owned golf carts are defined as carts used for recreational purposes that are not owned or rented by the university to perform specific tasks for MSU.

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