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Golf Cart Shuttles
MSU is happy to provide a golf cart shuttle system for fans on gameday. MSU understands that as the campus expands and the fan base grows, access to Davis Wade Stadium becomes more challenging. While the university is proud of the enhancements in gameday experience; it also strives to continue to provide helpful services to the Bulldog Faithful. One of these services on gameday is the use of golf carts to transport fans to the stadium. While this is a helpful and unique service, please keep in mind that the campus spans approximately 4,200 acres and golf carts are limited. Be patient and call PAC (662) 325-9114 ahead of time to arrange pick up.
Please note that while MSU has many golf carts in circulation on gameday, not all are designated for shuttle service. MSU staff members are given specific duties on gameday; these duties hinder or make giving rides to the public impossible.
ONLY designated gameday shuttle carts are used for giving rides to the public. These carts are labeled and kept in a constant rotation on gameday.
The golf cart shuttle system is meant to provide a service to fans that have difficulty getting to and from Davis Wade Stadium. Please keep this in mind when using the cart service.
  • Every time these carts are misused, it takes an opportunity away from an individual for which the service was intended.
  • These carts are put in use to transfer people only. The use of the cart system to transport tailgating equipment such as tents, coolers, etc. is strictly prohibited.
Post game golf cart pickups
  • For the safety of fans and cart drivers, carts will not be allowed to come all the way to the gates of the stadium after the game because of the overwhelming amount of pedestrian traffic. However, key pickup areas have been established in all four corners of the stadium. (Click for map)
  • Pull behind items such as grills/cookers and trailers are restricted to designated areas to ensure safety, prevent the restriction of traffic flow and to free up parking spaces.
  • MSU has provided areas designated as public parking/tailgating on the gameday map. (Click for map)
  • There will be a charge of $20 per space in these areas.
    • Note: two spaces will need to be purchased for a truck pulling a trailer in these areas.
    • Please see Tailgating for rules and regulations inside these areas.

  • Trailers may be parked in these designated areas for a charge of $20. (Click for map)

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