For the safety of both motorists and pedestrians accessing campus on gameday, certain guidelines have been implemented. Please keep in mind that these rules and regulations are not put in place to discourage, inconvenience, or hinder fans, but rather to secure a safe and enjoyable environment throughout campus while maintaining functionality.

No tents, tables or chairs are permitted in parking spaces or on sidewalks.

Parking on grass is permitted ONLY in designated areas (Click for map). There is no parking permitted on sidewalks, parking lot islands, medians, or the shoulders of streets or roads.

Parked vehicles must be in designated parking spaces and cannot obstruct traffic or pedestrian access to sidewalks.

Parking spaces cannot be saved.

Tailgating is permitted only in areas where traffic or parking is not obstructed and tailgaters must follow all tailgating zone regulations.

Parking areas must be cleared by 7 a.m. the day after the game.

Lot passes must be displayed at all times; misuse will result in loss of parking privileges.

MSU reserves the right to remove any vehicle that infringes on the rules put in place by the university.

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