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Scott Field has seen its share of battles. However, another battle that rages on is the great effort that goes into keeping OUR campus clean and manicured.

Davis Wade Stadium becomes the second largest city in OUR state on gameday! Of course, having this many people in a condensed area takes quite a toll on waste management efforts.

By the numbers
300 additional cans/bags set out for gameday
10 tons of garbage on gameday
80 employees who pick up gameday trash

While these numbers are staggering, MSU's staff has the entire campus back to its normal operating conditions by 8 a.m. the day after the game.

Here are a few ways that fans can help to reduce these numbers:

Re-use tailgating equipment
The less disposable items in the tailgating area, the less trash is left after the game to await the landfill.
Use plastic containers for food
Store multiple foods in one container when possible.
Re-use cups and plates to cut down on waste.
Clean up the tailgate area.
Bag trash and take it with you or bag trash and leave it in a neat manner for campus employees to dispose of properly.
MSU works restlessly to ensure that the campus is restored to its beautiful, peak condition. Many MSU personnel work to see this task completed by Sunday morning before classes and business resumes on Monday. Tiding up can help tremendously and cut down on cost and time.

Recycling is a passion of the university. Much of the waste accumulated on gameday is, in fact, recyclable. Resources like plastics, glass, aluminum, and cardboard can be used again if they are not discarded to the landfill.

For more information, please see the university's sustainability initiative. (Click here)

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