Road and Lot Closures for Gameday/Week

To safely accommodate all gameday activities, certain roads will be closed as kickoff gets closer.

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Barr Ave.
Barr Ave. now houses the Mississippi Plaza, one stand out section of the new stadium expansion. Barr also will now house the visiting team buses. Barr will be off limits to through traffic on game days.
B.S. Hood Road
B.S. Hood Rd. runs North and South between Barnes and Nobles and Davis Wade Stadium. Not only does B.S. Hood have six stadium entry gates on it, but it also provides close proximity for TV production trucks. Its closure depends on television arrival, but it will be no later than 4:30 p.m. the day before the game.
Stone Blvd.
Stone Blvd. runs through the heart of MSU's beloved Junction. Stone is closed to vehicle/cart traffic four hours before kickoff for the safety of the thousands of pedestrians tailgating all along its curbs. Stone reopens approximately one and a half hours after the end of the game, depending on vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
Creelman St.
Creelman St. runs East and West between the Junction and Dorman Hall. It is closed four hours prior to kickoff to secure the safety of pedestrian crossings. Many Bulldog fans cross Creelman to access the Junction and to take advantage of the portable restrooms provided under the overhang of Dorman Hall.
Lee Blvd.
Lee Blvd. runs east and west from teh southeast corner of Davis Wade Stadium. Lee is closed on game days to honor Butler Guest House parking, protect tailgaters on Bell Island and to provide a safe seamless entry for fans entering Davis Wade Stadium.
C.Q. Sheely Road
C.Q. Sheely Rd. runs north and south through fraternity row. It is closed at 5:30 p.m. the day before the game.
Hathorn Hall West Entrance
The West Entrance behind Hathorn Hall is closed at 8 p.m. the night before the game. Please remember that campus is home to many students, and they should be extended the same courtesies wished for those in our homes and backyards.
Walker Rd.
Walker Rd. runs east and west from the southeast corner of Davis Wade Stadium to the Chapel of Memories. Mississippi State Police Department, Butler Williams Guest House, Hull Hall, and the Chapel of Memories sit along its curbs. It is closed on the day of the game in order for officials to access the Police Station and to allow students and guest access to Hull Hall and Butler Willams. Walker Rd. will begin being monitored Thursday afternoon and any cars without proper credentials will be relocated.

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